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Gnocchi are unique pasta with a long tradition in European gastronomy!

Gnocchi - An ideal choice for a tasty meal

The revolution in the preparation of noodles occurred in the 16th century, the arrival of the potato, which has become a dominant component of noodles.

Gnocchi is characterized by fast learning curve preparation and the possibility of combining with different attachments. Thanks to the potato, light and airy structure, rich flavor and high nutritional value.


For fans of simple and tasty dishes, dumplings are always a good choice!

For homemade Istrian gnocchi you will need:

1 kg of red jacket potatoes cooked in salted water

500g plain flour

2 eggs

1 v. Tablespoon of grated Grana Padano


Add half the amount of flour and quickly knead the dough. Note that the potato dough quite nice to the substrate, so it must be constantly posipavati flour. But as long as knead, the dough will absorb more flour and dumplings might be tough, which again is not good. Therefore, as of concocted dough can create a ball, stop knead.