"Agritourism Jadruhi" property of the family Simonovic, with a long tradition of family farms and catering business. Agritourism is located in the village Jadruhi at Vižinada, near the tourist resort of Porec and the medieval Motovun.


We offer authentic and traditional dishes, prepared according to traditional recipes, produced in our own agritourism. A firm favorite for Istria recognized specialties such as: Istrian prosciutto, pljukanci, gnocchi, pasta and meat dishes.


An indispensable part of every table and good taverns in Istria various cheeses and truffles, which are typical for this part of Istria, since the Motovun forest known as the site of the Istrian gems. Emphasize homemade bread that is served with every meal, warm and crisp.


For lovers of sweets, we offer cakes of own production, such as fritters, kroštule and other delicacies whose quality will boast every gourmand. All this can spice up a glass of wine, local production, traditional Istrian varieties, as well as homemade brandy mistletoe brandy, honey, cherry and others ..



Address: Jadruhi 11, Vižinada

Web: www.jadruhi.com

Mail: info@jadruhi.com

Phone: Konoba: +385 52 446 184,  Marko: +385 91 798 35 11, Dario: +385 98 185 36 04








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Obrt za ugostiteljstvo i poljoprivredu MARKO

Konoba jadruhi

Vl. Dario Šimonović

Jadruhi 11, 52447 Vižinada

Oib 74602481782

The friendly staff of agrotourism Jadruhi warmly awaits you, providing you a true gourmet delight and unforgettable holiday in our farm.