Intense aroma and flavor of pork, uniform red color and salty taste are characteristics of quality Istrian prosciutto.

Local Istrian ham

The taste and flavor of prosciutto affects natural and brine, which is salted, its ingredients and a moderate amount of salt and other spices.

Close to the production of prosciutto dried them entirely natural way which also contributes to the naturalness of taste. If the humidity in the air, then a little lodge and smoky ham.


Annually in Istria spends about 100,000 ham, shall preferably in tourist-culinary purposes. Under the name `` Istrian pršut``; Since it is a brand name, is no longer possible to sell anything and everything.


It is true provided that the Istrian prosciutto produces, from raw materials to processing techniques and drying.


More and more controlled production of this unique delicacy in Istria, which guarantees quality and excellent food.



Address: Jadruhi 11, Vižinada



Phone: Konoba: +385 52 446 184,  Marko: +385 91 798 35 11, Dario: +385 98 185 36 04



Friday -  Sunday

12:00 - 22:00 h

Obrt za ugostiteljstvo i poljoprivredu MARKO

Konoba jadruhi

Vl. Dario Šimonović

Jadruhi 11, 52447 Vižinada

Oib 74602481782

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