Autumn is the season which is always love, not because of the cold weather and the annoying rain, but because of the richness of fruit it makes.

Porcini and chanterelles in a tavern Jadruhi

The combination of rain, dew and mild temperatures ideal for the growth of fungus. In addition to drinking, and autumn mushroom picking is a real adventure and a treat for nature lovers and food. The tavern Jadruhi we read them and prepare for you!

For Istria we can say that the mushroom Eldorado, because nowhere in Croatia has so many different types. Many sites conditioned by various vegetation, which thrives because of different microclimates central Istria and its coastal areas.


The most famous mushrooms in Istria are porcini and chanterelles, then sunglasses, Caesar's mushroom, morel and rujnica, a special place, as a delicacy, truffles occupy. The nutritional standpoint the mushrooms are known for their high content of protein, so called meat plant life. Fungi are healthy foods, low calorific value, low fat and rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins.


The tavern Jadruhi can taste delicious and imaginative dishes of wild mushrooms Istrian region. Thanks to the efforts and rich experience of our chefs, you will taste the mushrooms prepared in a traditional way, but also new, modern varijnte dishes with this Queen autumn.


Whether baked, fried, prepared as a stew, cooked in salads or sauteed in a risotto, combined with pork, beef or chicken, mushrooms are a real feast for the palate, but also all other senses.


If you just follow the enticing fragrance of delicious prepared mushrooms, the path will lead you directly to the restaurant Jadruhi near Vizinada. In our kitchen these days masters porcini and chanterelles!


We are expecting you!



Address: Jadruhi 11, Vižinada



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