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The white truffle is the gem of Istrian cuisine. Like other types of truffle and white truffle is best fresh. Slots are very thin slices over the meat, pasta and stuffing.

WHITE TARTUF- king of Istrian cuisine

Modern kitchen by increasingly used in desserts: cakes, ice creams, creams and chocolates, although they in traditional Istrian cuisine chef Marco most benefit to fuži, gnocchi and pljukanci and grated over fine baked steak.

Truffles are fungi that grow underground at a depth of 10-30 cm, making them difficult to find in nature.


For this purpose, in Istria using special izdresirani dogs that scent reveal the place where you can find mature mushrooms. The most important habitat of truffles is gray soil in humid Motovun forest.


Today officially begins the season of white truffles. Magic Istria, mystical Motovun forest during harvesting truffles, in the sleepy dawn before sunrise, hiding trackers and their dogs looking for Istrian gold, operates an impressive sight. Search for truffles uvršetno and the tourist offer of Istria.


White truffles are among the best and achieved the highest price in the market. There are specific, strong, pungent smell of garlic and aged cheese. This high class fungus literally measured in grams, such as gold.


Meadows, a small town in the heart of the Mirna River valley, known as the center of the famous Istrian white truffles. As every year, so this marathon event held "Zigante Tartufi Days" every Saturday and Sunday from 18:09. to 10.31.2016. This is a great opportunity for exploring and tasting of white truffle.



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