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Mediterranean cuisine is considered to be the most desirable models of healthy nutrition, primarily due to the abundant use of olive oil.

Olive oil taverns Jadruhi

The population of the Mediterranean used olive oil as a condiment cooked dishes of vegetables, salads, in the preparation of fish and use it in cooking instead of other fats.

Olive oil is first of all very tasty, but its healing properties are proven by numerous studies: reduces blood cholesterol levels, has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, reduces the risk of some cancers. It is easy to digest and soothing effect on the lining of the digestive system.


"Tavern Jadruhi", a family owned Simonovic, located in the village Jadruhi place Vižinada, follows the tradition of his family farm and offered only offers authentic and traditional dishes. We are proud to point out the production of olive under their own label, which used in the preparation of their meals.


On the menu "Taverns Jadruhi" inevitably Istrian prosciutto, cheese, bread, pljukanci, pasta and gnocchi, fish dishes, meat dishes, ox meat and other domestic producers, if desired, seasoned with truffles and homemade olive oil and traditional Istrian sweets such as donuts and fritters.


In the end, nothing goes without a good drop. The offer "Taverns Jadruhi" are exclusively high quality domestic production of traditional Istrian varieties and local spirits such as mistletoe, mistletoe, Kirsch ...


Do not leave anything to chance and do not wait for your travels take you, but the direction of "Tavern Jarduhi"!



Address: Jadruhi 11, Vižinada



Phone: Konoba: +385 52 446 184,  Marko: +385 91 798 35 11, Dario: +385 98 185 36 04



Friday -  Sunday

12:00 - 22:00 h

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Konoba jadruhi

Vl. Dario Šimonović

Jadruhi 11, 52447 Vižinada

Oib 74602481782

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